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Flammables being sold in illegal cylinders

Dangerous Goods Safety Bulletin No. 0114 - Flammable refrigerantAUSTRALIA: Air conditioning and refrigeration engineers have been warned of flammable refrigerants being sold in illegal and potentially dangerous refillable cylinders.

The Western Australia Department of Mines and Petroleum has issued a dangerous goods safety bulletin alerting the industry that some refrigerant vendors have imported flammable refrigerants in refillable cylinders with non-resealing burst discs.

Despite the fact that it is illegal to transport or supply flammable refrigerants in these refillable, the Department maintains that a number have been sold to vehicle-servicing workshops and refrigeration mechanics across Australia.

In addition, if the cylinder over-pressurises and the burst disc opens, the disc will not reseal. This results in the total loss of flammable gas from the cylinder, creating a very hazardous and extensive flammable gas atmosphere.

Companies or people who have purchased flammable gas refrigerants in non-refillable gas cylinders are advised to use up the refrigerant in the cylinder and dispose of it appropriately or contact the supplier of the refrigerant to arrange transfer of the gas into compliant cylinders and appropriate disposal of the empty cylinder.

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