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Fluorocarbon producers launch website

GFPF-websiteBELGIUM: The Global Fluorocarbon Producers Forum (GFPF) has launched a website to communicate its objectives to key stakeholders.

A sector group of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, its members include Arkema, Daikin, DuPont, Gujarat Fluorochemicals, Honeywell, Japan Fluorocarbon Manufacturers Association, Mexichem and Solvay. GFPF members produce fluorocarbon-based gases used in broad range of applications in addition to refrigerants.

“The objective of the GFPF is to promote fluorinated gases as a sustainable solution in applications where their unique properties bring value to society and to provide constructive input into the international regulatory processes covered by the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols,” said Rich Rowe, chairman of GFPF. “The GFPF advocates sensible reductions in the use of high global warming fluorocarbons while preserving the choice for consumers and manufacturers and helps to create a practical timeline to adopt replacement technologies that offer lower global warming properties.”

The new GFPF website features a video overview of the organisation along with sections that describe the value of fluorocarbons in everyday life, whether it’s enabling food safety through refrigeration, comfort from air conditioning, respiratory inhalers, aerosols for throat and nose sprays, and foam blowing agents for making energy-saving insulation products.

The website also presents the GFPF’s official positions on several key issues, including the support of the HFC Amendment to the Montreal Protocol governing an HFC consumption cap and reduction programme; development and deployment of lower GWP materials while developing new, low GWP technologies; enhanced activities to stop illegal import of phased-out HCFCs and counterfeit refrigerants; and the continuing need to use ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) as feedstocks in controlled processes.

The new website’s domain is

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