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French association warns of possible F-gas impacts

FRANCE: The French Refrigeration Association, AFF, has called on its national representatives to persuade the European authorities to adopt realistic and balanced measures in the current F-gas negotiations.

The AFF has said that it has previously expressed its concerns to ministers, and primarily to French PM Élisabeth Borne, regarding the inadequacy of the proposed measures with industrial, technological and economic realities.

With negotiations entering a decisive phase of trilogues between the European Council, the Parliament and the European Commission, the AFF has once again drawn attention to the impacts that what it sees as a too radical revision of the regulation would have for many application areas such as cold chain logistics.

The AFF insisted in a letter addressed to Élisabeth Borne that the government arbitrate this issue “at the highest level” to preserve French interests in the field of refrigeration and “not slow down new ambitions” such as the deployment of heat pumps in buildings.

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