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Fridge firm fined $285,000 for explosion

AUSTRALIA: The Melbourne employer of a refrigeration engineer who died when his work van exploded has been fined AUS$285,000 (€194,000).

While earlier reports had pinned the blame for the explosion on a leaking oxy acetylene cylinder, the Herald Sun reports that the County Court of Victoria was told that experts could not determine if oxy acetylene was responsible.

Joey Consentino, 25, died when his work van exploded outside his home in the Melbourne suburb of Mulgrave in 2011. It had been believed that the explosion was caused by a leaking oxy acetylene gas cylinder and may have been ignited when he opened a door as he left for work. The explosion littered the street with debris and damaged many homes in the area.

The court was told yesterday that Mr Consentino had up to three different types of gas tank in his van when it exploded, including oxy acetylene and MAPP gas and vapours from the vehicle’s own fuel tank and the prosecution was unable  to prove what the specific source of the explosion was.

Judge Mark Dean ruled that the company he worked for, Cool Dynamics Refrigeration, was not responsible for his death. However, the company admitted that a sealed storage unit in the van was unvented. It also pleaded guilty to three charges including failing to provide a safe system of work, failing to provide adequate training and failing to ensure staff were not exposed to occupational health and safety risks.

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