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Frigicoll introduces R32 ac in Spain

r-32-kaysunSPAIN: Frigicoll, a major supplier of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in Spain, has introduced an air conditioner using R32 refrigerant under its Kaysun brand.

This latest addition to the Kaysun range of domestic splits is the first time an air conditioner using the non-ozone-depleting, lower GWP R410A alternative, has been made available in Europe by anyone other than Daikin. 

The Kaysun unit employs its 3D triple DC Inverter technology to the compressor and indoor and outdoor unit fans, helping to give it an A +++ energy rating. The unit is also said to include a leak detection system.

Formed in 1957, Frigicoll created the Kaysun brand in 2000. In addition to Spain, the Kaysun product is also present in Italy, France, Morocco, Ireland, Portugal and Andorra.

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