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Fujitsu opens Manhattan showroom

fujitsu-airstage-hqUSA: Fujitsu General has opened a showroom and training centre for its VRF air conditioners in the heart of bustling Manhattan.

The Fujitsu General solutions centre, dubbed the The Airstage, after its VRF product range, was opened by Fujitsu General America Inc earlier this month.

The 150m² location on the 42nd floor at 1450 Broadway Avenue in New York City, near Times Square and the Empire State Building, will act as a base to promote its air conditioning systems in Manhattan and the northeast, which is the biggest demand area in the US.

Along with the increasing US interest in VRF technology, sales of Fujitsu’s Airstage VRF products have been rising steadily since being first launched in North America in 2012. The US market is recognising the VRF benefits of ease of installation, high energy saving performance and comfort, especially in urban area such as New York with its abundance of mid and high-rise buildings.


The centre will operate as a showroom to demonstrate VRF to building owners, design consultants and designers and also act as a training centre for products and sales for contractors. Fujitsu is also planning to use the centre for other purposes, including its use as a joint seminar/event venue with the air conditioning and energy industry groups.

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