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German heat pump sales up 53%

GERMANY: Heat pump sales in Germany grew by 53% last year to 236,000 units, according to latest industry figures.

If similar increases were sustained, the German government’s target of 500,000 devices in 2024 could be achieved. In order to do so, the German heat pump association, BWP, is calling for the announced amendment to the country’s Building Energy Act to be implemented quickly and consistently, as well as further measures to reduce electricity prices. The market ramp-up should also be supported with industrial policy instruments, it suggests.

“The market ramp-up is in full swing, people have obviously understood that the heat pump is the best alternative to heating with fossil fuels,” commented Paul Waning, chairman of the german heat pump association BWP. 

“In a difficult environment with personnel and delivery bottlenecks, the industry has shown that it can react to a massive increase in demand with clever prioritisation and innovative solutions.”

However, similar increases in subsequent years is primarily dependent on consumer demand and future government action.

The BWP has called on the German government to quickly present the proposed amendment to the Building Energy Act and, specifically, the regulation that from next year every new heating system should be operated with at least 65% renewable energies. It insists that the heat pump would become the standard solution to meet this requirement. 

Air-to-water heat pumps continue to dominate the German market. Of the 236,000 heating heat pumps, 205,000 devices were ATW heat pumps, a 61% increase compared to the previous year. Of these, around 104,000 were monoblock devices (up 68%) and 65,000 were split devices (up 49%). Brine-water heat pumps increased by 15%, 31,000 ground-coupled systems were sold in 2022. The number of hot water heat pumps specially designed for heating drinking water has also increased significantly in the last year – by more than 90% to 45,500 devices.

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