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German leakage rates continue to decline

GERMANY: Refrigerant leakage from air conditioning and refrigeration systems in Germany was down to just 1.12% in 2022.

In figures released by the VDKF, Germany’s refrigeration and air conditioning contractors’ association, show a 24% leakage rate reduction on 2021 and a 65% reduction on 2017. 

Average leakage rate of all recorded plants in Germany

The figures Include accidents and represent the average for all system types – air conditioning systems, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and special systems. They are taken from the VDKF’s online F-gas recording, reporting and monitoring software, VDKF-LEC, and represent figures from 54,000 operators and over 238,000 systems.

While the figures only represent a relatively small part of the total number of German systems, they show that leakage rates in Germany are steadily declining.

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