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GFF introduces self-service concept

GFF-Nantes-exteriorFRANCE: Refrigeration and air conditioning wholesaler GFF has redesigned its Nantes branch into a “self-service” facility.

With the branches still accounting for a substantial share of sales, GFF has redesigned its Nantes branch to provide a fast and flexible premium service for installers. The new layout of its Nantes store provides a self-service area, technical advice counter and showroom.

The objective of the Self Service Plus GFF-Nantes-LibreServicePlus-1concept is to reduce waiting time for the customer and enable the customer to view the products in reality other than in a catalogue.

According to GFF, the reception desk at the centre of the store marks the priority given to customer relations with the self-service space organised with clear signage on the aisles.

GFF is the leading wholesaler in France with 42 branches and part of the Beijer Ref group. The company says it intends to redesign half of its network along similar lines in the next five years.

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