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Global after-sales service for Bock compressors

DENMARK: Danfoss has introduced Danfoss RefCare, a new international network of certified service partners and Danfoss-owned service hubs, capable of providing service and maintenance of Bock compressors.

RefCare’s aim is to enhance technical expertise in local markets enabling the creation of centres of excellence and providing best-in-class service support through trained and certified RefCare partners.

These partners can perform warranty inspections, repair compressors, train customers, and offer local language support to service technicians.

Danfoss acquired German compressor manufacturer Bock GmbH from private equity company Nord Holding in 2023. One of the best known industrial and commercial compressor manufacturers, Bock boasts one of the world’s largest portfolios of semi-hermetic compressors for ‘natural’ refrigerants such as CO2, hydrocarbons, and other low-GWP refrigerants.

The first RefCare partners are already in place. The RefCare team will establish RefCare Hubs — Danfoss owned and operated service centres that would perform inspections, train RefCare partners and remanufacture compressors — at existing Danfoss’ facilities in the United States, Latin America, and China.

“Danfoss has adopted a ‘Rethink-Reduce-Recirculate’ approach to product development,” explained Ralf Havermann, head of Danfoss Bock Compressors. 

“Recirculate means we want to get the most use out of our products before their end of life. Our Bock compressors are semi-hermetic, which makes them easy to service and maintain. By training our RefCare partners to service these compressors, we extend their lifespan and reduce the carbon footprint. Every well serviced and every repaired compressor saves CO2 emissions.”

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14th June 2024

Amy Gittoes joins Climalife

UK: Amy Gittoes, the former commercial manager of the now defunct Hereford-based refrigeration company Arctic Circle, has joined Climalife UK.
14th June 2024

ECHA to consider PFAS impacts this year

FINLAND: European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) evaluations of the impact of fluorinated HFC/HFO refrigerants under proposed new European PFAS restrictions are expected to take place in November/December.
13th June 2024

Uzbekistan customs stop R22 equipment

UZBEKISTAN: Customs officers in the Uzbekistan capital Tashkent have stopped the importation of process chilling equipment running on banned ozone-depleting refrigerant R22.
13th June 2024

Varying refrigerant blends boosts HP flexibility

SWITZERLAND: Researchers have found that varying the composition of refrigerant mixtures can enable heat pumps to generate different temperatures from different heat sources, while increasing efficiency by up to 25%.
13th June 2024

Carrier joins US heat pump RTU challenge

USA: Carrier has joined the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Commercial Heat Pump Accelerator to develop next-generation heat pump rooftop units.
13th June 2024

Preserving CO2 charge during power outages

USA: ChargeSecure is a new charge preservation solution for CO2 refrigeration systems from Hillphoenix.