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Goodman first with new Copeland Scroll

USA: Daikin’s US subsidiary, Goodman, is the first to announce use of Emerson’s latest Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor.

The new compressor, first announced at the AHR Expo at the beginning of the year, will be offered in Goodman Manufacturing’s new 16-18 SEER residential HVAC systems.

“As SEER ratings continue to push our industry to higher efficiency standards, homeowner expectations toward comfort are also rising. We are happy to be joining with Goodman to bring this affordable and efficient offering to the market,” said Brandy Powell, vice president and general manager, residential air conditioning for Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Solutions platform.

The new compressor expands the capacity range up to 10hp and has been redesigned for improved performance and reliability in residential and commercial air conditioning systems with an offering to support 1.5 to 10ton systems.

Emerson designed the latest generation of this technology to operate at ~65% capacity, delivering efficiency gains in full-load of up to 5% and up to 5% more efficiency in part-load. These improvements are said to provide OEMs with affordable solutions in 15/16 SEER applications allowing OEMs to more easily meet CEE tiers, while also providing additional comfort benefits such as better humidity and temperature control.

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