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Goodman recalls more air conditioners

Goodman recallUSA: Goodman has extended its August 2014 recall on certain PTAC models to include a further 5,300 units.

The original recall involved 233,500 Amana, Century, Comfort-Aire, Goodman and York International-branded packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps (PTAC), and Amana-branded Room Air Conditioners (RAC). They carry serial numbers ranging from 0701009633 through 0804272329.

Now, any PTAC and RAC units that have a beige power cord labeled with a four-digit date code in the MMYY format and ending in 06 or 07, or ranging from 0108 through 1808 are included in this recall.

The units were sold by Goodman and heating and cooling equipment dealers nationwide from January 2007 through June 2008 for between $700 and $1,000.

The brand name is located on the unit’s front cover. The serial number is located on the label found by lifting the front cover of PTAC units or the grille of RAC units.

Goodman has received approximately 10 reports of PTACs catching on fire, including four involving property damage. This is a further five faulty units discovered since the original recall.

Consumers are advised to immediately unplug the air conditioning and heating units and call the number listed for your brand or go to to request a free replacement power cord. Non-commercial owners will receive free installation of the power cord and inspection of the PTAC control board for damages. If the control board has been damaged by the recalled power cord, non-commercial owners will also receive a free installation of a replacement control board.

Commercial owners are being contacted directly and will install the power cord and inspect the control board. If the control board has been damaged by the recalled power cord, Goodman will provide a new control board for commercial owners to install. Recalled RAC units do not have a control board.

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