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Green party welcomes new F-gas rules

12342771_lBRUSSELS: The European green parties have welcomed the outcome of yesterday evening’s agreement on revisions to the F-gas regulations.

European Parliament draftsman/rapporteur and Green climate change spokesperson Bas Eickhout stating:

Describing the new rules as a vital addition to the EU’s arsenal of measures to tackle climate change, European parliament rapporteur and Green climate change spokesperson Bas Eickhout said “After falling back in other areas of climate policy, this new legislation will enable the EU to justifiably claim to be leading on this crucial issue for credible climate change action.”

Mr Eickhout, who walked out of the previous meeting, added “These rules will stimulate innovation in the sector and be of immediate benefit to the numerous innovative European companies already leading in the cooling sector by stimulating demand for natural refrigerants.”

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