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Grundfos recalls condensate pump

Grundfos-Conlift-homeDENMARK: Grundfos has issued a recall on certain older models of its Conlift condensate pump.

Although mainly sold to the heating trade through builders and plumbers merchants, Conlift condensate pumps are also promoted for use in air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Based on its own investigations, Grundfos came to the conclusion that under certain technical conditions, including the use of household fuses above 10A, the motor of a prior model of the Conlift pump produced up until week 47/2007 (inclusive) may overheat, which may cause the pump to catch fire. The risk of fire is unlikely, the manufacturer maintains, but cannot be excluded.

Grundfos says the product needs to be replaced when the date indicates 0747 or before (week 47 in 2007).


“Any end user whose pump is affected by the present safety warning should therefore contact an installer immediately to get it replaced,” says the company.

In these circumstances, Grundfos will provide a new Conlift pump free of charge for the end user and will cover the necessary related installation costs subject to the process as described.

“Until a replacement is carried out, an end user who wants to avoid any risk should turn the pump off. In such a case, the connected device, eg the condensing boiler, air conditioning, dehumidifier or refrigerator, has to be turned off as well due to the risk of water leakage,” Grundfos states.

The recall does not affect Conlift1 LS, Conlift1, Conlift2, or Conlift2 pH+ models.

For further information, end users may contact their local Grundfos dealer or installer.

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