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Guide to glide and performance

FRANCE: ASERCOM has produced a guide to understanding zeotropic refrigerants and their effects on performance.

With zeotropic refrigerant blends, and their significant temperature glide (some over 6K), becoming the norm, the new guide provides an overview of the relation between the dew and mid temperature for zeotropic mixtures.

Zeotropic refrigerants change temperature during the evaporating and condensing process at constant pressure but ASERCOM says that many previous works comparing the performances of different refrigerants refer to mid-point temperatures where no evident correlation between mid-point and pressure can be easily determined.

This guide highlights the difference in performance and gives a recommendation for converting the performance of the compressor regulated by the existing standards to mid-temperature performance.

Refrigerant Glide and Effect on Performances is available free for download in English, German, French and Italian.

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