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Guide to “natural” refrigerants in Japan

Shecco-Japan-GuideBELGIUM: Shecco’s latest regional report tackles the current and future use of natural refrigerants in Japan.

Guide to Natural Refrigerants in Japan – State of the Industry 2016 analyses key market, technology and policy trends for natural refrigerants, focusing on key sectors like commercial and industrial refrigeration.

It is designed as an easy-to-access reference guide to the current and future market potential of refrigeration, heating and cooling solutions working with carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water and air as refrigerants in Japan and beyond.

The Guide identifi­es best-practice technology case studies across Japan and successful business cases in export markets. It also features technology and market maps. Presenting market forecasts per application and refrigerant, it delivers unique perspectives to a targeted audience of Japanese and foreign policymakers, industry leaders and end users worldwide.

To illustrate market penetration and the growth rate of HFC-free equipment in these sectors, the Guide draws from market maps and infographics. Among the highlights is an infographic portraying the dramatic adoption of CO2 and hydrocarbons for vending machine equipment, where natural refrigerants currently account for over 50% of the market with 2.5 million HFC-free units currently in the field.

In addition, market maps show the location of 1,500+ CO2 transcritical stores as well as key export markets for NH3/CO2 secondary systems, over 1,000 units of which are already used in Japan.

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