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Haier debuts solid-state wine cooler

Haier-wine-coolerGERMANY: Innovative Chinese refrigeration equipment  manufacturer Haier has produced a domestic wine cooler combining thermoelectric and heat pipe technologies. 

The cooler, designated WS40GDA, was displayed at IFA 2015, the consumer electronics show in Berlin. Unlike other thermoelectric coolers, it uses a solid-state chip coupled with water/CO2 heat pipe technology. Along with considerable savings in weight and size compared to a compressor-based system, the heat pipe is also noise-less, vibration-free and is said to provide cooling with a temperature fluctuation of just ± 0.1°C.

The heat exchange rate of the appliance is also said to be eight times higher than that of an ordinary heat exchanger.

The solid-state cooling chip is said to be sealed inside a highly-resistant copper frame, with a life expectancy of 30 years.

Haier aims to introduce this technology to the market in 2016, with compressor-free cooling to be extended to other refrigeration products.

In January, Haier showcased a prototype commercial wine cooler employing magnetic refrigeration at the CES show in Las Vegas. Even greater interest was created in March when the company used the Appliance & Electronics World Expo in Shanghai to exhibit the world’s first 3D-printed air conditioner.

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