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Hanbell to develop oil-free compressor

Hanbell-magnetic-compressorSWEDEN: Chinese manufacturer Hanbell has joined forces with leading Swedish bearings company SKF to develop a magnetic centrifugal compressor.

Combining the centrifugal compressor with oil-free magnetic bearing technology has been a developing trend for the centrifugal compressor industry, with a number of well-known chiller manufacturers now adopting it.

The advantages claimed for magnetic chiller technology include low energy consumption, high energy efficiency, environmentally friendly and low maintenance costs.

SKF has advanced solutions and rich experience in magnetic technology and has provided Hanbell with bearing, condition monitoring equipment, seals and other products for a number of years.

“This agreement further reinforces the cooperation we have with Hanbell and it marks our bilateral cooperation has reached a higher level. To the cooperation we bring extensive experience in the magnetic technology and we look forward to developing this market with Hanbell, which is an important player in the compressor market,” said Patrick Tong, president SKF China and president SKF Industrial Market China

As the leader in twin-screw compressors, Hanbell has a substantial refrigeration compressor market share and has a long-term cooperation with SKF. Hanbell plans to launch a range of magnetic centrifugal refrigeration compressor products in 2016.

Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery was founded in 1996, specialising in twin-screw compressors that are widely used in low, medium and high temperature system of variable frequency central air conditioning, refrigeration units and air-cooled heat pumps.

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