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Heat pump sales triple in Poland

8283838_sPOLAND: Although a market still in its infancy, sales of electrically driven heat pumps in Poland are reported to have nearly tripled over the last six years.

According to the European Heat Pump Association, market research carried out by the Polish Association for Heat Pump Technology and Development (PORT PC) shows that the number of air-to-water heat pumps sold in 2015 increased by 70% as compared to 2014.

However, although the percentage sales increase is high, the number of air heat pumps actually sold was relatively low and amounted to around 3,916 units in 2015 – a small number compared to the 39,350 units sold in Germany in the same period.

The VRF air-to-air heat pump market has also significantly grown with sales growing by almost 30% in 2015. The sales of air-source heat pump water heaters increased only slightly (3.4%) but they still constitute almost 40% of the whole heat pump market in Poland.

Poland: A spectacular growth of the air heat pump market in 2015

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