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Heat pumps and “natural” refrigerants

BELGIUM: The application and market readiness of heat pumps using “natural” refrigerants in the light of the current F-gas revision proposals will be discussed at a special conference next month.

The EU-funded TRI-HP project, which began in 2019 to look at innovative heating and cool systems with a high share of renewables and based on heat pumps using natural refrigerants, is organising the event in cooperation with the European Commission’s BUILD UP Portal.

The F-gas revision proposals have sparked discussions throughout the European RACHP industry as it could become an additional barrier to the market uptake of heat pumps. For this reason, the TRI-HP project wants to bring together researchers, industry stakeholders and policy-makers to further discuss the potential and evolutions of heat pumps based on “natural” refrigerants and if the market is ready for the phase-down/out of HFCs by 2050.

The event will take place in-person in Brussels or online, for those who can’t attend in person, on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 7.

It will be divided into two parts. The first session will include presentations from research experts and industry stakeholders on the application of different refrigerants such as propane or CO2, their market readiness and social barriers to heat pumps in general.

The second session will focus on the F-gas regulation revision, the ongoing negotiations and what the opportunities and risks are with a phase-down/out of HFCs & HFOs. The session will end with a panel discussion that brings together policy, industry & research experts that represent different sides for an open debate.

Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, and coordinated by the SPF Institute of Solar Technology, TRI-HP involved seven R&D partners (SPF, Tecnalia, IREC, ISOE, NTNU, DTI, UASKA), together with three SMEs (Heim, EFC, Industrielack AG), a large industry partner (Alfa Laval) and the European federation of HVAC association REHVA.

Further information, full agenda and joining details here.

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