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Heat pumps – call for action

EUROPE: The European Commission has opened its call for evidence on its proposed heat pump action plan to accelerate deployment of the technology in the EU.

The use of efficient heat pumps in buildings, industry & local heat networks is seen as key for cutting greenhouse gases and achieving the EU’s Green Deal & REPowerEU targets.

The action plan will seek to accelerate the heat pump market and achieve the Green Deal Industrial Plan to install at least 10 million additional heat pumps by 2027.

The input provided will be taken into account as the Commission further develop and fine-tune the initiative. In addition, a public consultation will be launched later in the second quarter of 2023.

The Commission insists that the partnership will bring together the Commission, EU countries, the sector itself, financial institutions and training providers across the whole heat pump value chain to ensure heat pumps can be widely deployed without downgrading power grid stability.  

Through targeted communication, the action plan will aim to provide citizens, businesses, and small industries with easily accessible information on existing heat pump solutions, the heat-pump readiness of their buildings, industrial plants, and networks, among other topics. A dedicated heat pump skills partnership will aim to provide an operational response to the skills gap in the EU and promote the development of an expert workforce in the sector. 

Further information here.

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