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High price rises for high GWP refrigerants

EUROPE: With the European F-gas phase down continuing to bite, considerable price increases have been reported amongst the high GWP refrigerants in the EU.

According to figures from Öko-Recherche for the first quarter of this year, prices of higher GWP refrigerants R410A, R404A, and R134a saw average price increases throughout the supply chain of 75%, 67%, and 48%, respectively, compared to the first quarter last year.

The EU prices for R134a and R410A are in stark contrast to the world market, where the price of R134a has remained level and gone down for R410A.

Prices at the distributor level of alternatives such as HFC/HFO blend solutions increased from the previous quarter.  In the case of the R404A alternatives R448A and R449A, prices were up by 17% and 11%, respectively. 

Prices of quota authorisations were reported to have changed a little, with some tentative indications for increasing average prices in the range of €14.8/t CO2e to €16/t CO2e, with an average of around €15.5/t CO2e.

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