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Honeywell claims 15,000 R407F installs


BELGIUM: With the pressure on to replace high GWP refrigerants, Honeywell claims to have retrofitted its 15,000th supermarket with its Genetron Performax LT.

Also known as R407F, Honeywell’s Performax LT is specifically designed to replace R404A, R507, R407A and R22 refrigerants. Its  GWP of 1824, while still high, is a considerable improvement on R404A’s GWP of 3922 and R507’s 3300 – two refrigerants that are being phased out due to European regulations.

With 15,000 installs behind it, Honeywell claims that Genetron Performax LT, which was first introduced in 2009, becomes one of the most widely adopted HFC retrofit products in recent years.

During a long-term test conducted by supermarket chain ASDA, Genetron Performax LT is reported to have consumed 9% less energy than systems using R407A, and around 14% less than systems running R404A in medium temperature.

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