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Honeywell reports second R1234yf seizure

BELGIUM: Refrigerant manufacturer Honeywell has announced a further seizure of patent-busting R1234yf in Poland, the second seizure in that country in just three months.

The action is the latest taken by Honeywell to stop the sale of R1234yf, which is protected by numerous Honeywell patents.

In the past 12 months, Honeywell says it has participated in multiple global product seizures and has brought patent infringement lawsuits against three entities either making or distributing infringing R1234yf, which is widely used in car air conditioning systems.

“This latest seizure in Poland underscores how effective our joint efforts with authorities have become,” said Richard Winick, vice president and general manager, Automotive Refrigerants at Honeywell. “It’s vital that HFO1234yf resellers and users purchase their refrigerant only from a reputable distributor to avoid potential legal, equipment and health risks to their businesses which can result from illegal product purchases.”

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