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IARW list top 25 refrigerated warehouses


USA: An increase in the total global refrigerated warehouse capacity is revealed in the latest list of the largest operators.

The Global Top 25 List of the largest temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics providers in the world is published annually by the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW).

Accompanying the Global Top 25 is the IARW North American Top 25 List. IARW has also compiled a list of the largest operators in Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe, reflecting the strength of the cold chain in both regions. The lists are determined by total capacity of temperature-controlled space.

Companies worldwide reported increased capacity and several new companies joined IARW in the past year. As a result, the combined space of IARW total membership is significantly higher.

IARW members currently own or operate 140.5 million m3 – a 4.88% increase since last year’s list.

The Global Top 25 currently operates 109.57 million m3 – an 8.13% increase from 2015. The North American Top 25 operates 86.01 million m3 – an 8.15% increase from 2015. The European Top 10 operates 16.1 million m3, with the Latin American Top 20 operating 7.05 million m3.

“The increase in capacity reflects continued consolidation and growth of the global cold chain industry,” said IARW president &and CEO Corey Rosenbusch. “As our members expand into non-traditional sectors such as fresh and customised supply chain services, capacity will steadily increase.”

IARW represents over 1,190 temperature-controlled facilities across 60 countries. IARW warehouse members offer a range of logistics solutions, including storage, transportation, processing, blast freezing, exports, and more.

The World Top 25 with capacity in m3

1.Americold Logistics (Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, and USA) 28,091,186
2. Lineage Logistics  (USA) 17,252,759
3. Swire Groupi (Australia, China, Sri Lanka, USA, Vietnam) 11,604,734
4. Preferred Freezer Services (China, USA, and Vietnam)  9,214,105
5. AGRO Merchants Group, (Austria, Brazil, Chile, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, and USA)  6,203,005
6. Nichirei Logistics Group, ( France, Japan, Netherlands, and Poland)  4,451,673
7. Kloosterboer (Canada, France, Netherlands, Poland, and USA) 4,264,000
8. VersaCold Logistics Services (Canada)  3,262,201
9. Partner Logistics  (Belgium, Netherlands, and UK)  2,860,594
10. Interstate Warehousing (USA) 2,838,122
11. Cloverleaf Cold Storage Co (USA)  2,117,442
12. Burris Logistics (USA) 1,764,974
13. Frialsa Frigorificos (Mexico) 1,724,274
14. NewCold Coöperatief (France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, and UK)  1,566,999
15. Gruppo Marconi Logistica Integrata  (Italy) 1,559,999
16. Henningsen Cold Storage Co  (USA)  1,522,207
17. Congebec Logistics, (Canada)  1,406,212
18. Hanson Logistics  (USA)  1,240,801
19. Conestoga Cold Storage (Canada) 1,119,265
20. Oxford Logistics Group (Australia) 1,088,269
21. Montague Cold Storage (Australia)  967,016
22. Bring Frigo (Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden) 33,787,112    956,743
23. CCS Logistics (South Africa)  864,641
24. Allied Frozen Storage, (USA) 834,075
25. Trenton Cold Storage (Canada)  802,384

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