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IIR issues call to action for World Refrigeration Day

FRANCE: The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) is calling on all stakeholders to actively help bring the refrigeration sector to the public eye on this year’s World Refrigeration Day.

Inaugurated in 2019, the second World Refrigeration Day is set to take place on June 26. In support of this special day, and with the aim of raising awareness and boosting accessibility of the refrigeration sector, the IIR is calling on all stakeholders to organise initiatives in their national markets.

The IIR says it is organising a multilateral campaign in association with ASHRAE, EPEE and UN Enivronment under the theme Cold Chain 4 Life. It will create and promote a directory of all the different activities that will be organised worldwide in support of this day, with our partners.

Send your proposals to the IIR, preferably by May 20, to [email protected] with the subject Call to Action: World Refrigeration Day.

Proposals should include a brief description of the activity, location, time of the event and contact information.

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