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IR completes Thermocold purchase

IRELAND: Ingersoll-Rand, owner of US HVAC manufacturer Trane, has completed the acquisition of Italian manufacturer Thermocold.

First announced in February, the acquisition adds to Ingersoll-Rand’s portfolio HVAC products for buildings in Europe and is seen as providing opportunities to extend Thermocold technologies to other parts of the world. Of particular interest is thought to be Thermocold’s multi-pipe HVAC system for high efficiency, simultaneous heating and cooling.

Thermocold operates from one location in Bari, Italy, and has a wide European distribution network.

“The completion of this acquisition marks another milestone in providing breakthrough solutions for building owners to achieve operating and sustainability goals,” said Dave Regnery, president of the commercial HVAC North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa strategic business unit of Ingersoll Rand. “We have been jointly innovating and serving customers, and this is the next step in our relationship.”

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