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ISHRAE publishes Covid-19 guidance

INDIA: In a comprehensive documents, the Indian refrigeration and air conditioning institute, ISHRAE, has published recommendations for operating air conditioning and ventilation systems during the coronavirus.

The guidelines were put together by a special Covid-19 task force set up by ISHRAE’s technical committee. Said to have been prepared after a detailed study and analysis of the most up-to-date information and literature, the document is targeted at all facilities operated with air conditioning and ventilation on the Indian sub continent.

The task force referred to publications in peer reviewed journals and reports from other relevant organisations around the world in arriving at their guidelines.

In addition to describing the virus and its transmission routes, it looks at the effect of environmental conditions, particularly relative humidity and temperature in residential, commercial and industrial applications. In residential applications it has recommendation for the use of room air conditioners, evaporative coolers and fans, giving additional information for the multitude of equipment found in commercial/industrial sites. Particular attention is given to medical facilities.

The document is available for download here.

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