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Kelvion acquires US manufacturer Rocore

GERMANY: Heat exchanger manufacturer Kelvion has completed the €34m acquisition of Rocore Holding GmbH.

Rocore is a leading US producer and supplier of heat transfer products to heavy duty industrial end markets including power generation, petrochemical, oil & gas, rail, on-highway and off-highway. Its  headquarters are in Indianapolis.

Kelvion CEO Jürgen Vinkenflügel, describing Rocore as one of the market leaders in the US, said: “The acquisition of Rocore is another essential milestone for the expansion of our market access in the very important US market.”

“Being part of the Kelvion Group will enable Rocore, historically a US company with strong focus on the US market, to make full use of Kelvion´s international presence,” said Stuart Eden, Rocore Group’s president and CEO.

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