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Kelvion changes at the top

Jürgen Vinkenflügel takes over as Kelvion CEO

GERMANY: Jürgen Vinkenflügel has taken over as CEO of heat exchanger manufacturer Kelvion following the departure of Dr Robert Wassmer.

In a separate move, chief financial officer Silke Hartmann will also leave the company. Kelvion said that both were leaving “to pursue opportunities outside the company”.

Wassmer joined Kelvion on July 1 last year, from his role as CEO of Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems GmbH.

His replacement, Jürgen Vinkenflügel, has held leading positions in the energy, oil and gas industry throughout a 35 years career. Before joining Kelvion, Vinkenflügel was the CEO of SAG Group.

A search for a successor for chief financial officer Silke Hartmann, who joined Kelvion on August 1, is said to be underway, with Hartmann supporting the company until a proper handover is completed.

“We are confident that Jürgen Vinkenflügel will lead Kelvion into a phase of renewed growth and customer satisfaction,” said Manfred Eiden, chairman of  Kelvion’s shareholder committee. “We would like to thank Dr Robert Wassmer and Silke Hartmann for their outstanding commitment and valuable contribution to significant improvements undertaken by Kelvion in the last two years,” he added.

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