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Korea retailer Lotte Mart goes for R448A

SOUTH KOREA: Honeywell’s R404A refrigerant alternative, Solstice N40 (R448A), is to be installed in all of South Korea’s Lotte Mart stores over the next seven years.

The first installation of the lower GWP refrigerant in South Korea has been completed in the Lotte Mart store in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province. It will now be rolled out across over 100 Lotte Mart stores. 

A blend of R32, R125, R134a and the HFO components R1234yf and 1234ze(E), R448A has a GWP of around 1300 and is classified A1 by ASHRAE – non-toxic and non-flammable. It can be used in new installations and existing R404A/R507 equipment with certain system modifications.

Lotte Mart is aiming to achieve energy savings of up to 8% by 2025 and lower its carbon footprint. R448A is said to provide at least 3% lower energy consumption in low-temperature applications, and 5-16% lower energy consumption in medium-temperature applications, compared with current refrigerants such as R404A.

“Lotte Mart is aiming to achieve “Healthy Value” as one of its goals in 2018 as the year marks the 20th anniversary for the company, not only by delivering goods but also actively working on global environmental policy,” said Cheol-min Lee, team lead of consumer safety management team at Lotte Mart.

“With such change in eco-policy, Lotte Mart has decided to get ahead of the curve by switching to a more environmentally acceptable yet high-performing refrigerant. Solstice N40 is an ideal choice for us as it allows us to abide by regulations and protect the environment while reducing energy costs.”

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