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Latest R32 Sky Air offers 50 indoor units

UK: Daikin is set to introduce its new R32-based A-Series Sky Air commercial air conditioners to UK customers at this week’s Daikin D1 Dealer conference in London. 

Following last week’s European launch in Bruges in front of 180 top customers, the Cooling Post can reveal that the new range will consist of three models – Sky Air Alpha, Advance and Active-series. In addition, the full range of Sky Air indoor units has been updated to be compatible with both R32 and R410A outdoor units.

Preceding the launch on Thursday of last week, Anthony Ysebaert, Daikin Europe’s Sky Air product manager, said: “The upcoming new range will showcase our commitment to, and unrivalled expertise in, the use of R32 refrigerant. The new Sky Air range is extremely flexible and has been developed to make the installation process as simple as possible, even in the most demanding of applications. Crucially the range offers a future proof solution towards the F-gas phase down, presenting end users with improved energy efficiency, durability as well as lower environmental impact.”

UK consultant Ray Gluckman gave an overview of the F-gas regulations at last week’s launch in Bruges

The new series design is compact, with the Sky Air Advance and Active models standing less than 1m high. The units are said to be lighter and more compact than previously, and use a single fan up to 14kW. Pre-charged pipe runs have been extended up to 40m.

The units also employ replacement technology, offering a more convenient, less expensive and reliable way to replace existing AC systems. In addition, the new units feature a redesigned pivoting front plate for easy access to components and an integrated leak-check function has also been included.

The operating range has been extended down to -20°C both in heating and cooling and operating noise has been reduced to 46dBA.

The updated indoor units total 50 different units and include Daikin’s latest Round Flow and fully flat cassette.

The incorporation of Daikin’s Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology and a highly efficient swing compressor, designed and manufactured specifically for use with R32, enables the new A-Series to achieve energy efficiencies of up to A++ (SEER up to 7.72 for the Sky Air Alpha-series), with lower running costs.

The covers come off and the new Sky Air A-series is revealed

The controls have also been upgraded. A new seven-segment display provides easy error read-outs, and end users can control the system from their mobile or tablet device via a range of different Daikin control solutions. For example, single shop control users can simply control the system from a smart phone via the online controller.

The new intelligent Tablet Controller and Daikin Cloud Service allow multiple-site end users to centrally control their air conditioning and alarms, with technical managers receiving notifications to provide remote assistance.

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