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Methyl chloride found in more fake R22

The real thing but counterfeiters are now targeting Zhejiang Yonghe’s R22 with a dangerous cocktail using methyl chloride

CHINA: Another Chinese refrigerant manufacturer has notified the market of the discovery of more counterfeit R22 containing dangerous methyl chloride.

Zhejiang Yonghe Refrigerant Co claims to have found fake versions of its Ice Dragon brand R22 on the local market. The fakes are said to have no signed certificate or identification number, a poor quality cylinder seal and cylinder colour inconsistencies. Of greater concern to the market is that sample tests are said to have found the contents to be 83% R22 and 17% methyl chloride.

Methyl chloride (R40) contamination of R134a refrigerant was blamed for the deaths of three engineers in 2011, killed by exploding refrigerated cargo containers. The three victims, two in Vietnam and one in Brazil, occurred while servicing the containers’ refrigeration units.

The deaths led to hundreds of reefers being quarantined worldwide. It was reported that the methyl chloride reacted with the aluminium components, forming trimethyl aluminium, a liquid at room temperature which ignites spontaneously on contact with air.

In the same year, Australian manufacturer Heatcraft was forced to recall a series of packaged refrigeration units after they were found to contain an R22/methyl chloride cocktail. The units had been manufactured and inadvertently charged with the refrigerant at its own factory in China.

Last week, the Cooling Post reported that Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang Juhua Co was offering a reward to find the counterfeiters behind fake versions of its Giant brand R22 refrigerant. Zhejiang Juhua reported that the fake R22 contained between 15% and 30% of added methyl chloride.

In this latest case, Zhejiang Yonghe Refrigerant warns that use of the fake refrigerant could cause serious harm to both property and person.

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