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Mexichem to distribute Honeywell’s R448A in the EU

BELGIUM: Honeywell has appointed Mexichem as a distributor of R448A, its lower GWP replacement for R404A, in the EU.

Sold by Honeywell as Solstice N40, Mexichem will rebrand the product as Klea 448A.

“We are committed to offering our European customers a product range which suits their needs today as well as safeguarding the future,” said Sarah Hughes, Mexichem Fluor’s EMEA and India commercial director. “We identified Klea 448A as a product which would complement our current product offering and give our customers a product that meets the future requirements of the EU market.”

R448A has a GWP of 1,273. It can be used in new installations and to retrofit existing systems using high-GWP refrigerants like R404A and R507. Honeywell claims up to 16% increases in energy efficiency.

“Solstice N40 allows supermarkets and other commercial and industrial refrigeration customers to reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption while helping to meet the stringent F-gas regulation requirements,” said Julien Soulet, Honeywell Fluorine Products’ EMEA vice president and general manager.

“Expanding the Honeywell distribution network in Europe will make Solstice N40 more accessible to customers, helping to accelerate the industry’s conversion to environmentally preferable and energy efficient refrigerants,” he added.

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