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Milanese get the feel for Daikin style


ITALY: Daikin Italy has opened a temporary showroom in the heart of Milan’s Brera Design District to show off its Alcantara-customised Emura air conditioning units.

Daikin Italy announced the release of the limited edition units featuring 30 different Alcantara finishes last year. Alcantara is a man-made covering material primarily used in the design, fashion, accessories, consumer electronics, automotive and marine industries.

While most manufacturers strive to produce air conditioners that building occupants can feel the effect of, but not to feel, the finishes on the special Emura units positively encourage people to touch. A display of the units at the recent Mostra Convegno exhibition (below) attracted a large number of visitors keen to get tactile with the units.


Until June 26, the units will form part of the Daikin display at the temporary location in Milan’s Via Statuto. Thanks to the technology of augmented reality, visitors will also be able to discover the full range of Daikin Bluevolution for residential air conditioning and future products coming directly from the company’s new r&d center in Osaka .

“While Daikin is present throughout Italy with showrooms and sales outlets managed by our professional customers, this is the first showroom – although temporary – managed by the company,” said Marco Dall’Ombra, marketing director of Daikin Italy. “It’s no coincidence that we have chosen Milan, site of the most daring design and technology, to experience this type of format in order to be closer to our customers, get their views, suggestions and constructive criticism,” he added.

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