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Minor is major influence for DuPont

Barbara MinorUSA: DuPont’s Barbara Minor has been named a DuPont Fellow for her work in the development of alternative and low GWP refrigerants.

Barbara is one of seven employees named as DuPont Fellows who join an elite group of only 27 other active employees who have achieved this level of accomplishment.

DuPont identifies its Fellows as scientists and engineers who define new technologies, influence research direction and mentor other scientists both inside and outside of the company. Through both personal contributions and collaboration with others, these scientific leaders have translated their technical knowledge, skill and commitment into results with significant impact for DuPont.

A graduate of Bucknell University with a degree in chemical engineering, Barbara was DuPont’s technical leader in the development of HFO1234yf. She was also a co-inventor of the DuPont R22 replacement ISCEON MO99 (R438A) and Suva 95 (R508B), a replacement for R13 and R503 in very low temperature applications.

Joining DuPont in 1981, Barbara Minor has been actively involved in the refrigerants industry for 24 years and holds over 130 US patents for refrigerants, cleaning agents and aerosol propellants.

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