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Modine test lab supports data centre demands

USA: Modine has commissioned a new state-of-the-art chiller testing laboratory at its Rockbridge facility in Virginia to meet increasing demand from the data centre industry.

Opened in 2022 to provide a US manufacturing facility for its Airedale by Modine chillers, the new test facility can accommodate air-cooled chillers up to 2.1MW and water-cooled chillers up to 5MW. 

Crucially for data centre applications, the ambient temperature inside the chamber can be reduced to prove chiller free-cooling performance. 

In addition, Modine has also created the first US-based service team to provide ongoing support to data centre customers in the field. This will include spare parts, planned maintenance and emergency response.

These investments coincide with deliveries of the first Airedale chillers and fan walls for data centre giant Corscale’s new Gainesville Crossing Data Campus in Northern Virginia in a deal first announced last year.

Twenty-eight OptiChill free cool chillers and 64 fan walls have so far been transported from Modine’s Rockbridge and Grenada, Mississippi, facilities to the Corscale site. Further deliveries are planned and, once completed, the chillers will provide cooling to eight 9MW data halls in what is eventually planned to be a 300MW development. 

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