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Munich looks to tap into groundwater

10494642_snewsGERMANY: An €840,000 project to investigate the viability of geothermal heating and cooling for the Munich area is being carried out next week.

The survey will take in 6,500 measuring points and will extend over the entire Munich gravel plain  – a total area of ​​over 2,200km2.

Announcing the project in Munich today, the Bavarian environment minister Dr Marcel Huber said “The project is a pioneering goal is to optimise the widespread use of groundwater of the Munich gravel plain as a source of heating and air conditioning.”

He announced that the results of the measurement would help in integrating new heating and cooling installations in the power grid of the city of Munich.

“Under the population centre, Munich is a gigantic water and energy resources and by the use of the groundwater the town centre could be kept at a moderate temperature,” he added.

The tests are being led by the Bavarian State Office for Environment together with the Technical University of Munich, various water boards, the city of Munich and about 500 water utilities and network operators. The project is being funded by the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment.

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