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New York orders cooling tower treatment

11987023_sUSA: With the death toll in the New York legionnaires’ disease outbreak rising to 10, authorities have ordered all cooling towers within the city to be disinfected.

To stop the spread of the disease, which has so far infected 100 people in the South Bronx, the New York City Health Commissioner has told building owners with cooling towers that they will face court action if they fail to disinfect them within the next 14 days.

The Commissioner’s order requires building owners to hire environmental consultants with demonstrated experience performing disinfection using current industry standard protocols including the ASHRAE Standard 188P and Cooling Technology Institute Guidelines WTB-148.

Building owners must also must also keep records of the inspection and disinfection.

Owners are warned that failure to comply with an order of the commissioner is a violation of the health code and a misdemeanour subject to civil and criminal penalties, including fines, forfeitures and imprisonment.

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