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NewCold focuses on 100% electric TRUs

NETHERLANDS: Temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution company NewCold has commissioned several 100% electric refrigerated trailers from Dutch manufacturer THT New Cool.

One of the main components of New Cool’s 100% electric refrigerated trailer is an energy- producing axle. When the trailer slows down, energy is generated by the axle which is stored in an aluminium-encased battery pack. The energy is then transferred to the electric-powered refrigeration system to cool the load inside the trailer.

According to NewCold, the positive environmental impact from using one electrically-powered trailer against its diesel-powered equivalent, has the same pollution-reduction effect as electrifying 141 passenger cars.

Also, 30 litres less diesel is consumed per day when using a THT New Cool reefer (as opposed to using a conventional refrigerated trailer). This does not include fuel for the truck, but only concerns the daily fuel to run the trailer’s TRU.

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