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Nordic retailer ICA hits CO2 targets

ica-kvantum3SWEDEN: Swedish retailer ICA Gruppen has achieved the 30% CO2 reduction target it set in 2006, six years ahead of schedule.

The reduction is said to have been achieved by, among other things, measures to reduce energy consumption, a transfer to renewable electricity in stores and warehouses, lower emissions from transports and by changing refrigerants.

“It is highly gratifying that we have reached our ambitious climate target ahead of time. This is excellent proof that our joint efforts have yielded results. We will now work on a new long-term climate objective,” said Per Strömberg CEO of ICA Gruppen AB. ICA Gruppen has reduced its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 31%. A number of important events during the past year contributed to this target being met.

Switching to purchasing only renewable electricity in Norway, an increase in lorries using alternative fuels in Sweden, the adoption of more effective control and adjustment of lighting and a changeover to LED lighting are said to have provided good results. In addition, a large part of the reduction also comes from putting lids and doors on refrigerators and freezers.

In Sweden there is a large amount of ICA stores using “natural” refrigerants, both in new and refurbished stores. The filling amounts of synthetic refrigerants in refrigeration systems during the last 15–20 years has been greatly reduced by the introduction of indirect systems using glycol.

ICA Gruppen is one of the Nordic region’s main players in grocery retail. At the end of 2013 there were 2,127 wholly-owned or retailer-owned stores, 1,321 of which are located in Sweden, 571 in Norway and 235 in the Baltic region. The group achieved sales of SEK100bn (€10.42bn) in 2013.

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