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Now Fujitsu announces R32 units

003lJAPAN: Fujitsu is the latest company to announce the introduction in Japan of air conditioners running on the low GWP refrigerant R32.

The Japanese manufacturer will introduce two new ranges in Japan in the new year running on the “mildly flammable” refrigerant that is also being adopted in small splits by the other leading Japanese manufacturers. The Fujitsu ranges include models offering cooling capacities of up to 8kW.

Following Daikin’s introduction of R32 units in Japan last year, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Hitachi all announced their intention to also introduce R32 units in their homeland this month.

Having lead the market with R32, introducing it into Japan a year ago, Daikin is set to introduce its R32 Ururu Sarara split system into Europe this month.

Designed to replace R410A, R32 is a single component, zero ODP gas with a GWP of around 650, significantly less than R410A’s 1,980. It is classified as A2L, or mildly flammable, under ASHRAE classifications. It is one of the two components – R125 being the other – that form R410A.

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