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Now the Chinese are hit by fakers

Some of the marked differences between the fake chillers and the real thing

CHINA: An established Chinese manufacturer of process refrigeration chillers has complained of having his products copied.

Proving that it is not just well-known western brands that are targeted by counterfeiters, Chinese manufacturer Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical, a company established in 2002 and producing  around 50,000 process chillers per year, has complained of sub-standard fakes being passed off as its own S&A brand product.

Guangzhou Teyu’s overseas sales manager Mia Fung told the Cooling Post that customers are easily deceived by the copies “because it looks quite like ours no matter from the chiller appearance, logo or packing. It’s difficult for customers to tell it at the beginning until the counterfeits have problems and customers ask us directly for after-sales service.”

The problem has been around for some while and has affected products across the company’s range.

“At the beginning, the target was CW-3000, but now goes to CW-5000/5200/5300/6000/6100/6200. But our compact size series 3000, 5000 and 5200 are still in the majority,” said Mia Fung.

A particular target is said to be the company’s CW-5200 series industrial water chiller, a compact  portable unit used mainly to cool lasers. While the capacity of the CW-5200 is up to 1.3kW, the company’s own tests on the fakes have shown capacities as low as 500W.

Product quality of the fakes is also low. Teyu’s own investigations show a large number of fakes are sent back for repair.

The counterfeits also lack many of the refinements of the CW-5200. The real product features intelligent temperature control which automatically controls the water temperature according to the ambient temperature – a refinement lacking in the fake product. Energy consumption is also high amongst the fakes says Teyu.

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