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OzonAction tightens iPIC refrigerant trade platform

FRANCE: OzonAction has included HFCs and HFC refrigerant blends as part of an overhaul of its Informal Prior Informed Consent (iPIC) system of information exchange on refrigerant trade.

The iPic mechanism is a voluntary and informal mechanism of information exchange on intended trade between countries in ozone depleting substances and hydrofluorocarbons, mixtures containing these as well as products and equipment. It enables countries to share details of eligible importers and exporters with other member countries through a secure online platform. 

Currently used by more than 100 states, iPIC has helped to clarify the status of many hundreds of suspicious or uncertain shipments since its inception and has been responsible for preventing hundreds of illegal, unauthorised and “unwanted” shipments. 

In addition to the inclusion of HFCs and HFC blends, the iPIC platform re-design includes streamlined navigation and operation with an improved interface and simple and straightforward data entry. It also includes encrypted password-protected access with improved security.

All countries have been invited by the Montreal Protocol Meeting of Parties to consider participation in iPIC as a means to improve information about their potential imports of controlled substances with the aim of reducing the difference between reports of imports and exports of ODS and helping to identify illegal trade.

Further information can be found here.

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