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Panasonic buys leading AI firm

JAPAN: Panasonic has acquired a US leader in deep learning and behavioural artificial intelligence (AI).

Through the acquisition of California-based company Arimo Inc, Panasonic says it plans to leverage Arimo’s data science expertise in solutions it provides to its B2B customers, including manufacturers, as well as in the housing business.

Ranked among the ten most innovative companies in data science by Fast Company magazine in 2016, Arimo is developing IoT-centric AI products for commercial and manufacturing applications, which supports Big Data and Deep Learning applications.

Panasonic’s own Digital Platform aggregates and utilises sensor data from factories, housing, cold-chain, and HVAC applications. By combining Arimo’s strength in data science and especially predictive analytics, Panasonic says it plans to accelerate the growth of its AI/IoT-based solution business and further promote the company’s digital transformation.

“The acquisition of Arimo provides Panasonic with a much-needed core data science element that will greatly reinforce our efforts to continue developing further sophisticated AI-based solutions for our B2B customers,” said Yoshiyuki Miyabe, Panasonic Corporation chief technology officer.

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