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Panasonic launches 80hp CU in Japan

JAPAN: Panasonic has announced the availability in Japan of a new 80hp CO2 condensing unit. 

A two-stage booster machine using inverter-controlled compressors, it has a rated output of 45kW. 

For both freezing and refrigerating for indoor or outdoor installation, it operates in the evaporating temperature range of -45℃~0℃. 

It is now available for order in Japan but there is no indication when it might be available in other territories.

The launch is the latest, and largest, addition to Panasonic’s range of CO2 condensing units. It joins the existing range of 1.6kW, 7.3kW, 10kW and 14.6kW models. 

“Through the sale of high-power refrigerators that use natural refrigerants, we will contribute to the non-fluorocarbon use of refrigerators in large-scale facilities related to frozen and refrigerated foods, such as large distribution warehouses and food factories, where demand is expanding,” the company said in an announcement today.

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