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Panasonic launches “green” outdoor cooler

MALAYSIA: Japanese air conditioning manufacturer Panasonic has launched an ultra-fine mist system designed to lower outdoor temperatures.

The Green AC (Ambience Changer) Flex, launched in the Asia Pacific region, is said to be able to lower outdoor temperatures by up to 4ºC through evaporative cooling. 

The system uses compressed high-speed airflow to mix with water to generate an ultra-fine mist with a particle size of around 6㎛.

The small size of each mist particle is said to enable the Green AC Flex to emit sufficient particles to cool a large outdoor area of about 1.5m in distance and provide a comfortable cooling sensation with almost no feeling of wetness even with close contact (about 0.6m).

Each Green AC Flex set consists of a mist nozzle for emitting the mist, and a sprayer with a built-in control panel and drive unit. Its use with flexible resin tubing, makes it easy to install within existing outdoor structures.

Besides allowing for direct connection to drinking tap water, it also supports operation using an external water tank for places where it is difficult to lay water supply pipes, such as outdoor event venues. 

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