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Panasonic supplies first CO2 system to Taiwan


JAPAN: Panasonic claims to have supplied the first CO2 refrigeration system to Taiwan.

One of Japan’s leading exponents of CO2 supermarket systems, Panasonic supplied the system to the Linkou Wenyi store of Taiwan FamilyMart, an overseas franchisee of Japan’s major convenience store operator. Taiwan FamilyMart operates around 3,000 stores in Taiwan. Panasonic has a track record of delivering CO2 refrigerant freezers to FamilyMart in Japan.

The product installed is Panasonic’s pressure adjust control type that first went on sale in Japan toward the end of last year. The solution addresses the common problem of variance in output pressure to the display case (usually 5-9MPa) by automatically controlling the transfer pressure from the condensing unit at about 6MPa, throughout the year.

Panasonic began verification testing of CO2 refrigerant devices in 2009. Since September 2010 the Japanese manufacturer has released four models and supplied a total of 3,000 units.


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