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Panasonic to launch commercial R32 units

Panasonic-PA-SP160U5GVV8JAPAN: Panasonic has announced a range of small commercial ceiling cassette air conditioners running on R32 refrigerant in Japan.

Due to be released on Monday (June 22), the new G series units will be available in cooling capacities of 5.6kW to 14kW and heating capacities of 6.3kW to 16kW. Up to four 4-way ceiling cassettes can be run off one outdoor unit.

Redesigned and optimised components are said to bring huge energy efficiency improvements, particularly at part-load.

Heat transfer performance is improved by increasing the heat transfer area and refrigerant flow rate. Particular attention is said to have been paid to optimising the coolant flow path to match the properties of R32 refrigerant.

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