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Paraquay seizes 2000 illegal R22 units

Paraguay-HCFC-equip-seizurePARAGUAY: Authorities in Puerto Fénix have seized over 2000 illegal R22 air conditioning units.

Since March 1, the importation of R22 air conditioning units up to 24,000Btu (7kW) have been banned in Paraguay under its Montreal Protocol commitments.

The illegal air conditioners were found in 18 containers and, according to Paraguay’s Environment Secretariat SEAM, comprised units in sizes 12,000Btu (3.5kW), 18,000 (5.3kW) and 24,000Btu (7kW)

The Environment Secretariat has not indicated the origin of the shipment but photographs suggest the units were from China.

Paraguay is extending its HCFC equipment ban to include units up to 60,000Btu (17.6kW) from June 1 with a complete ban on all units from September 1.

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